BHK: day 8

hari kelapan

i just realised that i miss eating warm, or even, hot food. temperature-wise. today is a holiday in Germany, as such i act like im on holiday too. the Ministry of Health gave me more antihistamines to treat my allergies.

supposed to have a meeting with my university project group but only two of us showed(out of four) and we haven’t talked in a long time (3 weeks; which is pretty long for close friends eh!!!) so we ended up catching up but i did manage to do some literature reading after that.

i just realised that i forgot to snap the breakfast and lunch today lollllll, but for breakfast: bread, butter/jam, soy milk, baked beans, hash brown. lunch: pasta with vegetables and salad. they were pretty good.

at night i called a friend i haven’t spoken to for a longggg time. happy day!

dinner was served with an apple in a plastic

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