First and foremost

Hi, this post opens the blog officially, so this is a virtual opening ceremony!

Damn do I not like myself; it took me more than a month to finally write the first bloody post on this site…procrastination rocks!

The initial idea of this blog is actually for it to be more philosophical but screw it, I’ll just write whatever I desire. As I also plan to delete my Facebook account in the (hopefully near) future, this would be a platform for me to bitch about things and share what I’m currently up to in my life.

Look at that bloody high ego. Who the deuce even cares about my life and what I have to say about things? Yeah I know, that’s why I don’t really like myself. It’s a pretty weird statement to make and I guess I should elaborate on it. Basically, I have been reading about stoicism a lot, because I am SO done with conventional faiths (sorry to a lot of you people).

I read a quote that went something like: “I know myself too well to like myself.” WOW, right. Yeah I don’t really like myself anymore, I wish that I was a better person than what I convey. I recently learnt about the Japanese concept of tatemae and honne. In a nutshell, tatemae means how people see you on the surface; whereas honne is what truly is in you. I suspect that a lot of Japanese don’t like their honnes too.

Even so, I am a normal human being who craves to be liked, so nope, I would not expose the dark sides of me so soon.  *evil grin*

So, welcome to my blog, where I write things in mostly English that might make you laugh/angry/cry/whatever.

Also, please like me for as long as you could!

You might not agree with my mode of thinking but that’s what this blog is for anyway, inspiring intellectual arguments so we can all advance metaphysically.

Please feel free to comment anything as I do appreciate constructive feedbacks! My grammars and language use are not perfect so yeah thank you in advance for pointing my errors out. 🙂

Yours truly,

Wei Yen


oh, i have a blog

i honestly forgot the existence of this virtual property of mine (no i’m actually not sure which parts of this really belong to me but i do pay for something so i guess something does really belong to me).

the last post was my diary on my second last day in quarantine in Malaysia and i have been back in Germany for about four months now…an exam season is over and a new academic semester has started. i haven’t been doing a lot of productive things since the last update other than studying for exams, working on a compulsory group project, and playing badminton (and socialising, if that counts). oh, badminton. 

BADminton. i played in my first ever game season (league games aren’t very popular  where im from) so i was mighty excited but unfortunately im injured. again. and im completely out of the season and i didn’t even manage to play a quarter of the games…seriously…badminton was pretty much my therapy and of course the universe has to take it away from me. again. sigh, i can probably sulk for an entire book. but i will not, out of respect for my time and energy and your time and energy.

my english has gotten worse due to the lack of reading of high quality writings (and perhaps of too many low quality ones). now that i once again have more time, im picking up reading again. like, of real books that’s been proofread and so. and oh ive watched a few animes hahahah and i guess i am still slightly obsessed with Attack on Titan although i am temporarily abandoning the manga (i finished all of the currently available anime and the last part comes out on my birthday!)(if we consider the time zone differences). there are so much to watch, so much to read, so much to listen to, so much to play, so much to learn…so so so much to do, and if you were expecting me to end this sentence with “but so little time”, you are mistaken. 

i want to practice writing again for sure and i have a creative writing challenge idea that ive yet to execute, so, please stay tuned. 

BHK: day 11-12

hari kesebelas

remember i said i was having a games night? we ended up just chatting till almost 1:30am…and so i woke up pretty late and was basically just really tired the entire day. didn’t do much except chilling and doomscrolling.

i however showered four times though, because of allergies, godammit. i slept really late too because of the allergies and had to distract myself (with YouTube).

Fifty Shades was on the 10th place today.

bottom right: Duolingo asking me some really hard questions

hari keduabelas (idek if this is the correct spelling)

why are there so many insects in this room??? i have committed at least 5 murders today on ants (ant-icide?).

i rushed some tasks for the university project and had a meeting too. that is easily the most productive thing ive done today.

according to my rough estimations, i would need about 4 more bottles of water to survive if i were being discharged tomorrow around noon. they gave me 10 so i’m thinking of doing a drinking game with water. im watching Sexify later with my partner per Teleparty, maybe every time they say the word “sex” or imply something sexual??

ive also been starting to pack as if im really gonna go home tomorrow (it’s supposed to be till Sunday), it’s not like i unpacked a lot but im really looking forward to leaving this Allergy Dungeon filled with crawling and flying insects! i actually brought a bunch of scrap paper too but i only used like 10% of it hahahahhaa.

apparently my dad’s been spending his MCO (Movement Control Order; basically a lockdown) deep-cleaning my room hahahah, so im looking forward to going home!

Fifty Shades is not on the charts anymore!

bottom left: ordered chicken rice from Outside again! ; bottom left: ready for the drinking game!

PS: another two ant-icides happened while writing this.

Quaarantine Diaries: hari ke-9 & -10

i spent day nine in a pretty lethargic state throughout the day…

hari kesembilan

i had a university project meeting in the afternoon. i was still stuck with a thermodynamics problem. at night i rewarded myself for being a lazy twat to chicken rice, after a week of vegetarian meals.

the tops: really horrible meals. worst ones in the quarantine so far. ; bottom left: this was a GREAT meal and it was still mildly warm when i got it!; bottom right: #SnackOfTheDay

hari kesepuluh

a swab test is done on the 10th day of quarantine and there was a knock at about 7:30am and i thought i was late for it! but no…it was just breakfast. nevertheless i popped out of bed and had breakfast and did some studying, mixed with Netflix here and there. im watching Cuckoo and it’s actually weirdly hilarious and hilariously weird.

was summoned at about 11:30am to do the PCR test and i waited at the hallway for a few moments before i was joined by another 6 quarantine buddies and together with the POC we took the lift. though it was really short, it felt great to be able to put on shoes and see some people! after they verified my payment status, i had to go to another section to get my nostril pricked. it was different from the one that i did in Germany, the nurse or whoever she is kept going deeper and deeper into my right nostril then she kept saying “sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…” as i was like: *cough* *cough cough* *cough cough cough* *COUGH* and my right eye was tearing up. however at the end of the ordeal i still assured her, while half-coughing and with tears, that “it’s okay.”

this in total took about 20 minutes, from when i was first called to being back in my quarantine space again. i also saw two guys, with whom i briefly chatted with when we arrived 10 days ago; we locked eyes and nodded and waved, without even a squeak. pretty weird how it was as if we thought that we weren’t allowed to speak.

today the registration for the AstraZeneca vaccination opens to younger people at states with the highest cases (mine). i am gonna get mine in Germany so i was helping a friend but the website pretty much jammed. and then i tried refreshing it and it wouldn’t even bring me to the registration page anymore. since i was really free, i pretty much stalked the Malaysians that i follow on Insta to see that everyone had the same problem ahahahhahaa. there are so many jokes on Twitter about it so my day was made. someone also called it AstraJenaka, “jenaka” meaning “joke” in Malaysian hahahahaha. which is why i spent quite some time on Twitter and Instagram today, witnessing how everyone is dissing the Malaysian government. i took a nap too.

i have a little games night with some friends later, this time with people in the same timezone. quite looking forward to it since i haven’t spoken to them for a long time too.

oh and i submitted my thermodynamics homework.

wow it took me 10 days to finally order bubble tea!

BHK: day 8

hari kelapan

i just realised that i miss eating warm, or even, hot food. temperature-wise. today is a holiday in Germany, as such i act like im on holiday too. the Ministry of Health gave me more antihistamines to treat my allergies.

supposed to have a meeting with my university project group but only two of us showed(out of four) and we haven’t talked in a long time (3 weeks; which is pretty long for close friends eh!!!) so we ended up catching up but i did manage to do some literature reading after that.

i just realised that i forgot to snap the breakfast and lunch today lollllll, but for breakfast: bread, butter/jam, soy milk, baked beans, hash brown. lunch: pasta with vegetables and salad. they were pretty good.

at night i called a friend i haven’t spoken to for a longggg time. happy day!

dinner was served with an apple in a plastic

BHK: day 6+7

my first weekend back was spent mainly chilling, trying to solve problems in homeworks, and video calls. i missed EuroVision 2021. oh and the Ministry of Health Malaysia stood me up. i ought to write journal entries directly on the day itself…

hari keenam

writing this on day 8, i don’t even remember what time i woke up. i had a semi-professional and mostly casual meeting in the evening. and a Spielabend (“games evening”) which started around 11pm Malaysian time, joined by some friends at 5pm German time, what an evening. the hotel WiFi crashed around midnight so that was the cue to sleep. we played DrawPhone, Love Letter, and Geotastic. some highlights:

i tried to draw a moustache on the dick guy and the other stickmen are smaller cos they’re children. cm314 thought that was a swordsman…okay…
i honestly thought that was an extended arm pointing at the pretty long nose…
rice rice rice! bottom right: my well-stocked fridge!

hari ketujuh

i woke up in the morning and had breakfast then continued sleeping and i spent some time chilling before spending a few unfocused hours doing homework. then another mostly professional and semi-casual meeting. it was the one year anniversary with my partner so we video-called while having a meal “together,” the time difference means that one of us was having dinner whereas the other lunch, haha. i discussed about homework with my group mate and was legit tired after that due to all the (virtual) socialising and went to bed.

finally remembered to check the Netflix charts and Fifty Shades has slipped to the 8th spot.

bottoms: weird chilli pan mee…and look at the amount of plastic…

Quarantine Diaries: (day4+5)

i basically had very horrible sleep because of…well i have a few theories. one, im having very horrible skin issues, it itches like crazy and even the meds don’t help fml. two, i was watching Dix Pour Cent on Netflix and i just really wanted to finish it, so i did, in five days, all four seasons with 6 eps each, each episodes averaging a 55 minutes, so i spent at least a whole day in my past five days here watching this series, insane!!!! on top of that i spent at least an hour on Brooklyn 99 too…now you know what happens in quarantine…

hari keempat

i slept a total of 4.5 hours, broken into a 2 hour sleep and 2.5 hour nap, to me, nap is what happens during the day after you officially woke up.

i now no longer remember what i did but it was a holiday in Germany so i was really glad that there were no classes (not like i attend them anyway). i only remember feeling like a zombie the entire day. had to do a homework which has to be turned in on fridays by 8 am GERMAN time, which is 2pm MALAYSIAN time ahahahha so i gave up trying, because i was a zombie. zombies don’t have brains, right? or do they eat brains? i have no idea.

oh i also finished reading a very fascinating book about true crime. i spent some time reading up on some of the crimes mentioned too.

top left: mihun!! finally! a little too salty but not bad. top right: so glad i started liking brinjals (aka eggplants/aubergines) since going to Germany because they serve it like, at least once a day. bottom left: dinner was pretty disappointing and i forgot to snap a picture when i first got it and i regretted not ordering dinner from Outside though i planned to. bottom right: this is part of breakfast and i thought they were grapes at first but hey, they are olives! fancyyyyyyyy but olives mostly suck….

hari kelima

the Ministry of Health stood me up!!!! they were supposed to come!!! they told me that!!! i was on standby mode the entire day for nothing!!!!

my 13L of water supply was drying up pretty quickly so i requested for more water and got 12L delivered. according to my calculations, this wouldn’t last me till the end of the quarantine but if they sent me another box, i would be left with too much water…

attended a tutorial hosted by a good friend and at night a meeting for the university project. slightly more productive day but the most productive part is finishing Dix Pour Cent vroom vroom.

bottom right: ordered my favourite beverage!!!
new water supply! along with the receipt of payment of the quarantine fees…had a tiny heart attack thinking that 12 litres of water costs over 2k MYR….

Buku Harian Kuarantin(BHK): hari ketiga (day3)

i think it might be better if i wrote separate posts for every day…

i slept pretty late (Netflix) last night and woke up about 6 hours later so that’s good news(though i sleeptexted my partner at 4am that i have no recollection of)! however i felt pretty tired throughout the day and also had lesser appetite today…hmm.

tried to study but brain isn’t working that well. i started something i call #Quamics on Instagram which is short for “quarantine comics”, though the only stuff that i draw are speech bubbles. i have an online class in about an hour and doubt that i’d have energy to write later. there is an online open-book test for this subject tomorrow and the hotel graciously agreed to print my notes for me!

very satisfied with the vegetarian meals!! but it could be due to MSG lol…ive consumed over 2L of water today. that’s pretty convincing evidence. (for people unfamiliar with MSG: yes, things taste much better but it also makes you very thirsty and in some accounts, more prone to death*)

my best friend in Aachen has called me 4 times today for completely random reasons ahahahaha. i also did a little workout and nap. also already showered twice to “clean my wound.”

powerpoints in Malaysia are the same as in the UK, 3-pin plugs with a switch. i thought i was charging my phone just now to realise afterwards that i forgot to switch it on…urgk…and i always forget to switch it off!! whatt!!

i decided to post daily updates on where Fifty Shades of Grey stands on the charts on Netflix Malaysia. our beloved homeland was the only country in the world who banned the movie when it was released years ago. yesterday it was no3, today it slipped! to the fourth place. [when i came back 1.5 years ago it was no1 for almost the entirety of my stay] ive never watched the whole thing before.

breakfast: really interesting one today. and oh so happy to have sugarcane juice!
lunch: super tasty soy products and i finally got a taste of ladies’ fingers again after so long hohoho
dinner: they remember that im allergic to peanuts but it still contained peanuts. two vegetables that im not really fond of but surprisingly edible (suspecting that MSG played a role)

*i absolutely have nothing to back this statement but that’s my belief. i will respect you in whatever you believe in too, but not when you are so obviously wrong