BHK: day 6+7

my first weekend back was spent mainly chilling, trying to solve problems in homeworks, and video calls. i missed EuroVision 2021. oh and the Ministry of Health Malaysia stood me up. i ought to write journal entries directly on the day itself…

hari keenam

writing this on day 8, i don’t even remember what time i woke up. i had a semi-professional and mostly casual meeting in the evening. and a Spielabend (“games evening”) which started around 11pm Malaysian time, joined by some friends at 5pm German time, what an evening. the hotel WiFi crashed around midnight so that was the cue to sleep. we played DrawPhone, Love Letter, and Geotastic. some highlights:

i tried to draw a moustache on the dick guy and the other stickmen are smaller cos they’re children. cm314 thought that was a swordsman…okay…
i honestly thought that was an extended arm pointing at the pretty long nose…
rice rice rice! bottom right: my well-stocked fridge!

hari ketujuh

i woke up in the morning and had breakfast then continued sleeping and i spent some time chilling before spending a few unfocused hours doing homework. then another mostly professional and semi-casual meeting. it was the one year anniversary with my partner so we video-called while having a meal “together,” the time difference means that one of us was having dinner whereas the other lunch, haha. i discussed about homework with my group mate and was legit tired after that due to all the (virtual) socialising and went to bed.

finally remembered to check the Netflix charts and Fifty Shades has slipped to the 8th spot.

bottoms: weird chilli pan mee…and look at the amount of plastic…

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