Buku Harian Kuarantin (Quarantine Diaries)

wow i haven’t written in ages, so what better to do when stuck in quarantine?? well actually there is a myriad of other less tedious options than keeping an online diary…

due to a mandatory 14day quarantine, im currently temporarily residing in a hotel at Kuala Lumpur, among multiple skyscrapers. if i make a little effort by turning my neck an awful lot of degrees, i can faintly see the world’s tallest twin towers, both of them even! i should take a picture during the day when the weather is good.

let’s see if i can update this daily.

hari pertama

i decided to start this just because…i need more content on the blog hahaha. i actually arrived yesterday at around 5pm but today is the first official day. i slept at about 10pm and was confident that i would not suffer jetlag until i woke up at about 1:20am and i was like: f***. then i slept and woke up again at 2:32am and i was really like: f***ing hell. and i tried to sleep again until breakfast was served at around 8am, at which point i gave up trying. i was reading a little of two books, texting friends in Germany, who are 6 hours behind me, made an Instagram Reel, even called a friend…to still be awake.

i spent quite a lot of time on social media today but i did manage to study a little. i spent about 4 hours to place my order at the only approved supermarket by the quarantine station and at the time of writing, my soft drinks and snacks aren’t there yet!!!! and we are only allowed one external order per day!!! dammit that means i wouldn’t be able to order anything tomorrow and i was planning to order either chicken rice or bubble tea (yes, this is a very important issue in quarantine that requires delicate planning). [Update: my order came!! they are pictured below.]

after lunch i felt that my brain is shutting down so i went to lie on the bed…to wake up almost 4 hours later and i missed an online meeting for a university project…urgk. but i attended the second one(yes, we have two meetings in one day and a total of three in a week).

i requested for an extra towel and got three, well im not sure what i wanna do with the extra two now since i only need one towel to be a makeshift exercise mat….maybe i should just be more hygienic and change towels after a few days. i don’t even know how often should a person change its towel…okay maybe that’s why i have skin problems sometimes…another mystery solved and it’s just the first day!

Netflix Malaysia is honestly so much better than Netflix Germany but i suspect that it’s due to the strict German copyrights law and whatever. well sometimes it benefits the society when you care less. i found Dix Pour Cent, Attack on Titans, the 7th season of Brooklyn 99 (the 6th was just released in Germany a few months ago, and it was available on flight and i was so elated i lost sleep because i thought i wouldn’t be able to watch it for a long time and lo and behold, i have 2 weeks of quarantine to watch all seven seasons), Happiest Season (this is only available for purchase in Germany!! and i paid the price) …..ahhhhhhhhhh amazing!

started with top left, then top right, then bottom left (pls remember this convention cos i ain’t repeating myself again), and finally bottom right: a form that only has the question “how are you?”
i chanted: yay i finally got to use this high-end fridge! then i found out it’s called a wine-chiller. okay.
if you tilt this image about 45ΒΊ clockwise, on your left is a fancy granola with a very local twist that im testing for the first time ever; on the right is what it says it is.

hari kedua

i was wondering if i have 4hour sleep cycles now because i slept at around 12:30am and woke up at about 4:30am feeling very itchy…so i took a long hot shower (not good for the skin but oh it feels so good, and also i don’t have to care about electricity costs here).

then i actually studied a little and after a while i had a headache but it took me till about 8am to fall asleep again. around 09:12 came a few knocks and i ignored it, thinking it was just food that was delivered. but noooooo, it was two nurses in full PPE suit coming to treat my wound! i felt the same as in German medical care because i struggled to find words in Malaysian…so they had to remove the crust that has formed on my elbow due to pus due to infection (?) im actually not sure. the ordeal (for them, because it’s hard as hell to use the plastic tweezers) took about 35 minutes with the both of them working simultaneously, which wasn’t that bad considering their estimation of two hours xD they practically yelped whenever a huge piece came out at once and when it was over. i just tried to entertain them with my broken Malaysian.

and then i had breakfast. studied a little. read a little. then lunch and took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon (pretty odd how i felt so lethargic at that time, same as yesterday; i hope this wouldn’t persist). then i opened a dressing kit to treat my wound but then apparently i was supposed to do them on Thursday…oops…wasted…

i had to send another reminder about vegetarian meals and although they double confirmed with me that i would be having Outside Food for dinner, they still sent me a meal (my first vegetarian meal here) so i ate 1.5 dinners today. also i requested for new trash bags and they also delivered 4 biohazard bags, on top of the one that we receive daily…like…what are we supposed to put in it…i think if you chopped me up i’d fit into only two….

this is how big it is

also coded a very basic magic-8 program in Python:

bottom right: breakfasts come with a beverage, it was soy milk yesterday and chrysanthemum tea today, which i absolutely missed!
my grandma gave up trying to send me fruits but managed to send me dinner
thank you Ministry of Health!

sunday. rainy. Aachen. the new semester starts tomorrow!

and im not done with exams…but am i ready for my comeback semester? yes…? whatt?? YESSSSSS!!! oh and my cousin got married today! couldn’t attend because im stuck here because of the pandemic 😦


everyone will develop some form of mental disorder in the courses of their lives. EVERYONE. can’t believe that people needed to run a huge-scale research to prove that….

here is a little song:

what on earth have i been doing in the past month

in short: not much

the main highlight is the exam season and i just bloody realised that im not even halfway through my exams!!! what on earth!!!! it’s been forever!!!! and my grades aren’t even that excellent…i can totally understand people who drop out…it literally feels like a waste of time. [to my friends who are worried that i might do just that : fret not, im asian and some part of me still want to feel the pride associated with a piece of hopefully recycled paper]

i used the Chinese New Year and exams as excuses to eat a lot of Chinese takeout and meat so i gained a substantial amount of weight which is why im annoyed. another side effect of this is my diminishing wallet. but i was happy as hell!

my thumb is still broken and my surgery wound is for some reason a little infected??? after two months??????? tending to it has been annoying (by tending i mean ignoring it, which is harder to do than you think). i went for my first run this year and since the surgery last week, which was invigorating and at the same time breathless. it is winter part 5 or 6 now here in Germany so im a little frustrated that i cannot go out and run and “wiggle*” the my extra weight away. [*quoting this directly from a data analysis & visualisation slide; please see below]

i started using a shampoo bar and mmmmmm for someone who is basically trash i think im doing a great job in reducing waste.

one more very important thing is the improvement of my mental health. my psychotherapist is amazing mannnnn! (i differentiate between a psychotherapist and physiotherapist because it wouldn’t be long till i have both in my life again)

i haven’t been reading as much as i wanted to so in some way, i feel like a stupider person. i have been however watching shows “to relax after a tense day of studying(cramming- because i didn’t do shit during the semester)” which is obviously just another excuse to not grow my mind in a more productive way during my free time…not proud of it but im chronically lazy person so yes, i will accept this personality flaw without question (cos that takes effort).

i have ideas for some EXCITING side projects to do in the near future…but first i need to. get. through. exam. anxiety. im combatting it by writing way more exams than i used to. i think im currently slated for more exams in this one semester than the last two combined … someone is trying to sprint to the finish line 8)

my brain was kinda swimming in keyboard vomit and i think i should just let it out so here it is…STAY ALIVE!!!!

wednesday. the last day of summer this winter

because the temperature will take a dip again starting tomorrow, not a huge dip though thankfully. i think i fixed my sleep. have been having very severe and groundless insomnia in the past two weeks. im ready to be human again. i ought to be studying. i OUGHT to.


that tiny icon beside every website you see? it could be used to track your movements online. crazy to think that i could use my awkward web logo to stalk. he he.

how to be angry. as someone who has been sabotaged by her own temper several times in life now, i find this insightful and perhaps helpful even.

i admit that im slightly still obsessed with the idea of death penalty and Aileen Wuornos’ life and read a former inmate’s (not her) account of what life is like on death row in the USA.


50 “great” “classic” novels under 200 pages. i will have to come back to this list on one of these days…

Valentine’s Day. winter is finally ending (i hope)

my first exam is in five days. im writing 95% of the time with my right hand now and the thumb is still a nuisance but not as big as it used to be.


i didn’t know what bucatini pasta is, but now i wanna taste them too. and i want those from De Cecco.

all BREAKING NEWS we see are just results of feedback loops eh

it claims to be Valentine’s Day tips from astronauts. more like survival tips from people who have been in extreme conditions of isolation β€” for people in lockdowns like us

more tips on how to maintain a healthy mind in this pandemic. most are pretty straightforward things

Angelina β€” a film (?)/ documentary of an Italian granny. really like the cinematography

saturday night/sunday. it’s gonna be winter part 3 in Aachen…

so i haven’t got my laptop back and my right hand still feels weird and my thumb ain’t really working. the exam season is coming soon! oh and CNY!


uhhh so Emily In Paris got a nomination. what the fuck. even their own writer is suprised. this is a dark moment for Hollywood

toilets of famous world leaders. really weird and random that i saw this article

someone who has more than 50 million euros in bitcoin refuses to reveal his password and thus no one has access to the money now. this is the cryptocurrency paradox

ive only recently heard of the name Scott Alexander while stumbling upon a website and my first post from him is his resuscitation. how interesting

wednesday. sunny. is winter taking a break in Aachen?

it would be pretty warm in the coming handful of days. “warm” in the winter sense as we were attacked by minus degrees last week but it might be up to double digit warm in a bit. ive been reading books and due to not having a laptop, been pretty lazy to post what ive consumed. i hope i get it back soon.

note: ive been reading Aileen Wuornos’ letters to her best friend and i must admit that some of my writing style might be temporarily influenced by her. Lee, i hope you don’t mind and yes, someone is even “stealing” your style. chuckle chuckle!


“the Brazil variant”. fucking hell i thought there was another coronavirus mutation. clickbait. can’t believe it from The Atlantic

i finished How To: … by Randall Munroe. fun read. i read this and about Aileen Wuornos’ grim life interchangbly so i could sleep easier at night… America be fucking up my sleep for the past weeks with their unjust treatment/execution of women. ok exams are coming up, gotta buckle up

my computer’s damaged. my right arm too. (temporarily)

i had a surgery three days ago and the days before were plagued with homemaking activities so i barely had time for myself nor uni. (the #100DaysOf challenges is failing badly)

sad to say that neither my home nor my right arm looks brand new. im trying to figure out if all this bad luck recently is the result of past karma or im paying stuff forward….

i am however feeling hopeful to regain most of my arm’s functionalities within a week though my thumb is currently not that mobile. im showering later today so that is something to look forward to!

i spent my week reading a lot about Aileen Wuornos and got her second autobiography. emotionally im also feeling a little horrible about my old roommate at the hospital.

my first exam is in less than three weeks. let’s goooooooooooo