Buku Harian Kuarantin(BHK): hari ketiga (day3)

i think it might be better if i wrote separate posts for every day…

i slept pretty late (Netflix) last night and woke up about 6 hours later so that’s good news(though i sleeptexted my partner at 4am that i have no recollection of)! however i felt pretty tired throughout the day and also had lesser appetite today…hmm.

tried to study but brain isn’t working that well. i started something i call #Quamics on Instagram which is short for “quarantine comics”, though the only stuff that i draw are speech bubbles. i have an online class in about an hour and doubt that i’d have energy to write later. there is an online open-book test for this subject tomorrow and the hotel graciously agreed to print my notes for me!

very satisfied with the vegetarian meals!! but it could be due to MSG lol…ive consumed over 2L of water today. that’s pretty convincing evidence. (for people unfamiliar with MSG: yes, things taste much better but it also makes you very thirsty and in some accounts, more prone to death*)

my best friend in Aachen has called me 4 times today for completely random reasons ahahahaha. i also did a little workout and nap. also already showered twice to “clean my wound.”

powerpoints in Malaysia are the same as in the UK, 3-pin plugs with a switch. i thought i was charging my phone just now to realise afterwards that i forgot to switch it on…urgk…and i always forget to switch it off!! whatt!!

i decided to post daily updates on where Fifty Shades of Grey stands on the charts on Netflix Malaysia. our beloved homeland was the only country in the world who banned the movie when it was released years ago. yesterday it was no3, today it slipped! to the fourth place. [when i came back 1.5 years ago it was no1 for almost the entirety of my stay] ive never watched the whole thing before.

breakfast: really interesting one today. and oh so happy to have sugarcane juice!
lunch: super tasty soy products and i finally got a taste of ladies’ fingers again after so long hohoho
dinner: they remember that im allergic to peanuts but it still contained peanuts. two vegetables that im not really fond of but surprisingly edible (suspecting that MSG played a role)

*i absolutely have nothing to back this statement but that’s my belief. i will respect you in whatever you believe in too, but not when you are so obviously wrong

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