I got a tattoo

It took a little more than an hour lying at a pretty uncomfortable position but well worth it and I am happy.


What did you get?

The map of Malaysia, which is coloured teal, and the mountain ranges (banjaran) are highlighted. On my outer left leg. It is a geographically-correct map, meaning I could teach Malaysian geography with it. It’s larger than I expected because I didn’t expect that the separation between the peninsulas to be that big and you know how I’m all about accuracy so I’d rather want a large-but-accurate map than a small-and-cute-but-wrong map. I can’t live with a mistake for life just because of aesthetical reasons, right!?


What if one day you regretted it?

My friend, that’s my home country, where I am born and raised. I’ve even wanted the tattoo long before the new government was elected. So yeah.

Did it hurt?

Not all the time.

What does it actually feel like?

Maybe because of that awkward body position where I couldn’t directly see the tattoo artist working (ie: using the tattoo gun to stick needles into my bare, she shaved that part of my leg beforehand, flesh at quick successions), I might have been able to minimise the psychological effects of thinking that it would hurt a lot. So I would compare it with getting a lot of injections, except the needle doesn’t sink deep but just stays at the surface. It hurt more when nearing my calf muscles, so right now I have huge respect for people who have tattoos on their calves. Unless they have bony calves, then that’s less impressive.

How painful was it?

THIS IS MY MOMENT to say: less painful than getting your heart broken. YESSSSSS.

Any tips to combat the pain while being tattooed?

Find ways to distract yourself, but don’t try to do something brain-intensive. I was texting my best friend:

Her: Okay let me ask you an IQ question: why is the sky blue?

Me: How is that IQ???? *expecting a stupid-ass answer*

She: Why is it not IQ?



Those are all voice messages to explain how because of the wavelength of the colour blue and some limitations on our eye filters (I really don’t have time for this shit called real scientific terms), we perceive the sky as blue.






However, I did discover methods that work. Like listening to music. You know how sometimes when you listen to a certain song and it transports you back in time and place to a moment long long ago that you thought you’ve forgotten? No? You are psychopath, get a doctor. If you understood me, Panic! At The Disco’s “Old Fashioned” brings me back to this time now.

Also, take very very deep breaths. Maybe cos it releases the tensions in your body in a way.

That’s all I got from a little-over-an-hour long session: one failure and two successes. Not bad, eh?

Why this tattoo?

Just as a sense of identity. It’s on my leg to signify my roots.

July 12th, 2018 is a day to remember.

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