Saturday. Puchong. Dark.

an exhausting week has passed


my obsession with rhythmic gymnastics is full blown again. crushed that the World Championships wouldn’t be broadcasted live on TV but thankfully there are other ways to follow the championships

ahhhh so hanja in Korean is just like kanji in Japanese

an interactive article about the thin border that divides North Korea and South Korea. i have a better understanding of the geography too

the North Korean Standard Language. notice how both countries decided to call that language. i find it funny 

“Instanovels” sounds genius

about assholes. wow. just wow.

how often you should poop 



a girl who claimed that a switch of personality took place when this was taken

Anna Kendrick on the Ellen Show again

Thursday. Puchong, Malaysia.

just got back from Indonesia last night. it was very fun and also super exhausting being a supporter at the Asian Games.


sad that i couldn’t find out much about a North Korean athlete so i read about her capital city

North Korea sounds scary. i wonder what is it like as an athlete :/

the Tumen river, which borders North Korea, China, and Russia

the North Korean soldier who escaped to South Korea last year


the Liaoning province in China which borders North Korea

the North Korean soldier who escaped to South Korea last year