Thursday. Puchong, Malaysia.

just got back from Indonesia last night. it was very fun and also super exhausting being a supporter at the Asian Games.


sad that i couldn’t find out much about a North Korean athlete so i read about her capital city

North Korea sounds scary. i wonder what is it like as an athlete :/

the Tumen river, which borders North Korea, China, and Russia

the North Korean soldier who escaped to South Korea last year


the Liaoning province in China which borders North Korea

the North Korean soldier who escaped to South Korea last year

Friday, Hangzhou, China

wait what this article claims that North Korea has been robbing banks. wow.

this article claims that people’s ego get bigger after medication and yoga so it defeats the purpose. but cmon. wtf really. isn’t it normal for people to feel good about themselves after doing something like that? im sure they would get the same results when tested with people who just finished reading some self-help books. lol world

the intern sexting with her boss. oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww so what?


whatever it is, just surround yourself with good people and not toxic people. damn pointless

the weird Russian mindset. sounds like Malaysians who didn’t do anything to the government who was taking a lot of things from us. what could we do anyway??

Thursday, still in Yiwu


who poisoned Zhu Ling? 

more on the case above

wtf China

don’t forget what happened to Alan Turing

on pronunciations of foreign words

guys who date older women

gossiping is good.

doing nothing while travelling. sometimes i just walk around aimlessly too in foreign lands because why not

14 Tweets über das WM-Aus des Deutschlands

das WM-Aus


a scandal about how Russia won the bid to host the World Cup

wow how could people request for free stays at hotels like that???

i admit that i’m privileged enough to not have been poor. society should not use the word “poor” loosely, like how they use “OCD”. being broke is normal. [comic]

actually useful royal etiquette rules

the man who cracked the lottery