thursday. it is very sunny again. 1°C. so cold.

i went out to get disinfectants and groceries. at 7.55am. lolololol. the city looks dead and there were notices on almost every shops/restaurants that they’re closing because of the virus outbreak, but some restaurants do takeouts. can’t wait for my döner fix on Saturday! i was with a friend and then a police car appeared behind us and we quickly distanced ourself cos we’re supposed to be at least 1.5m apart. hahahhaahahhaa. that was funny.


well, it’s not just the health and social issue, since stock markets crashed too. and of course it could affect politics. behold the coronavirus. i want to grow up to be like it too.

this is. a masterpiece. weird and engaging enough to keep people reading, and somehow it manages to pack some wisdom in it. i don’t really know how to describe this piece but maybe this: another way to think about the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak 

how are Italians coping during the quarantine. it’s a heartwarming read. i coped today by making gnocchi from scratch. it’s quite satisfying but i ain’t making another batch again anytime soon


Friday, Hangzhou, China

wait what this article claims that North Korea has been robbing banks. wow.

this article claims that people’s ego get bigger after medication and yoga so it defeats the purpose. but cmon. wtf really. isn’t it normal for people to feel good about themselves after doing something like that? im sure they would get the same results when tested with people who just finished reading some self-help books. lol world

the intern sexting with her boss. oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww so what?


whatever it is, just surround yourself with good people and not toxic people. damn pointless

the weird Russian mindset. sounds like Malaysians who didn’t do anything to the government who was taking a lot of things from us. what could we do anyway??