friday. Malaysia. it rained.

hello welcome to the peak of my emotional rollercoaster!!! life seems to be hopeful!!


things that people listed as “hobbies” on their CVs. wow. these people are bold.

how learning programming can help with mental health. hmm interesting. all the more motivated to learn coding now.

woah Nike sounds scary for budding female athletes

data engineer vs data scientist

words that have no English equivalent. hahahhahahahahah fun

50 ways to be ridiculously generous. yeap. ridiculous. some are quite nice though

Thursday, still in Yiwu


who poisoned Zhu Ling? 

more on the case above

wtf China

don’t forget what happened to Alan Turing

on pronunciations of foreign words

guys who date older women

gossiping is good.

doing nothing while travelling. sometimes i just walk around aimlessly too in foreign lands because why not

14 Tweets über das WM-Aus des Deutschlands

das WM-Aus


a scandal about how Russia won the bid to host the World Cup

wow how could people request for free stays at hotels like that???

i admit that i’m privileged enough to not have been poor. society should not use the word “poor” loosely, like how they use “OCD”. being broke is normal. [comic]

actually useful royal etiquette rules

the man who cracked the lottery

Tuesday, Yiwu, 36°C

luckily it is not as humid as in Malaysia over here so yeah the heat wave is strong but ain’t dying that much


a crocodile in Paris. i didn’t know that “crocodile” means a lesbian in Taiwan

make better decisions with probabilistic thinking

why write for free. i don’t intend to make a living out of writing anyway

the lottery hackers

i must admit my ignorance of non-binary people, it’s not sexual orientations

how Olympic figure skaters design their skate programs

the Japanese culture might be influenced by natural disasters 

things to know about getting tattoos

oohhhhhhh really wanna read Qiu Miaojin’s books now!


the art of solitude



skills that “will pay off forever”. not exactly your cliché self help stuff