the Ferrero company. yes, the chocolate bon bon.

Klinefelter syndrome

an Airbnb horror story

Wikipedia: Getting to Philosophy. hmm i didnt get there

apparently there has been many upsets in the women’s games at Wimbledon this year

Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese soldier who fought the World War II for an extra 29 years

Teruo Nakamura, another Japanese holdout 

Japanese holdouts

nanny nanny pu pu. that’s how I’d stylise it 


the most unusual articles on Wikipedia

Tuesday, Yiwu, 36°C

luckily it is not as humid as in Malaysia over here so yeah the heat wave is strong but ain’t dying that much


a crocodile in Paris. i didn’t know that “crocodile” means a lesbian in Taiwan

make better decisions with probabilistic thinking

why write for free. i don’t intend to make a living out of writing anyway

the lottery hackers

i must admit my ignorance of non-binary people, it’s not sexual orientations

how Olympic figure skaters design their skate programs

the Japanese culture might be influenced by natural disasters 

things to know about getting tattoos

oohhhhhhh really wanna read Qiu Miaojin’s books now!


the art of solitude



skills that “will pay off forever”. not exactly your cliché self help stuff