reboot Day 1

basically i spend the weekend petrified and appalled by the life and fate of Lisa Montgomery, the first woman to be executed by the US in nearly 70 years (wow i sound like a real journalist but that’s because ive seen the same lines too many times in my “research”). i think i read about half of the 184page social history of hers. her story is definitely the most horrible one ive ever read — and ive read a lot about serial killers and other gruesome murders — it is so bad that it practically kept me up at night and i had trouble falling asleep over the weekend. she is gone now forever and maybe her Heaven is a much better place for her. just wanna say that: i think her crime is bad and she was definitely guilty, but i don’t think she deserves to be killed by her country like that, especially after they failed her her entire life. i cannot and i don’t think i will ever comprehend her execution, nor her broken life. i am sorry

#ofwakingupearly ✅

due to sleep deprivation in the past days, my nap was almost 1.5 hours today lol

#ofMeditation ✅

only did 5 minutes because my mind and heart have been too heavy and i have trouble concentrating. 15.5 breaths

#ofFrench ✅

actually planned to finish a unit a day on Duolingo (just to Level 1 so i unlock a new unit) but i was so tired i took the aforementioned long nap, which should actually be categorised as sleep

#ofCode ✅

worked through my professor’s code examples and tried to solve a coding challenge. not done yet but oh am i tired

friday. 2020 is coming to an end.

crazy. idek when was my last post. my new year resolution of “writing more blog posts” has greatly failed. haha.


another white men privilege. someone spent 12 years exploiting women and babies but only got 6 years in jail and fined only what he could’ve gotten by selling 5 babies. haha.

i always thought tuitions is this weird phenomena in kiasu Asia. didn’t know it’s also a thing in Europe. poor kids.

first time hearing about people being mass-murdered in Mexico…a crazy story.


Family Business on Netflix. weirdly, it’s called Joint Venture in Germany, which i think is better fitting name. it’s a French comedy about marijuana legalisation, which is H I L A R I O U S. really looking forward to the 3rd season!