Wednesday. Cloudy.

i woke up with a painful throat. i no longer understand anything


about chronic coughs. duh.

symptoms of bronchitis. i most probably don’t have it

origins of burgers. surprised that it’s more German than American [in German]

origins of sandwiches because i was trying to prove a point. sandwiches are named after a Lord Sandwich

Anne Boleyne. a former English queen

i secretly (not-so-secret now) loath Apple too though i own an iPhone and a Macbook Air

another logic puzzle called Blue Eyes

and this is the solution to it. i didn’t work it out cos im stupid and impatient but the solution makes perfect sense to me

about a couple who sold their son to pedophiles in Germany. i’ve been to this particular tiny town and it’s crazy to think that someone was under such abuse right there

Wednesday, Yiwu, Feels like 45°C

befriended a Chinese and learnt some important tips on how to bargain


an internet mystery has been solved. this pretty pointless article tells you everything with its title

the true cost of eating meat. spoiler alert: it’s more than just the money

very informational piece on what’s the problem with the future

how to be confrontational/negotiate

kinda useless article on how to increase web traffic

save the pasta water

have you heard of delusional disorder?

Asians are damn obsessed with fair skins aren’t we


six things we’ll regret. well i guess im not doing any of these…