KL – Singapore by bus

Today I made one of the worst decisions in my life by taking the bus from KL to Singapore. It was supposed to take 4hrs and 55mins but took almost 10 hours.

At first, I was super impressed by the bus terminal. It has so many boarding gates so you feel like you’re going on a plane but no, it’s just plain ol’ (and very unpunctual) buses. On each gate there was a screen announcing the next departing busses and remarks like “on time” or “delayed”. You will never see as many “delayed” signs on a screen. And I couldn’t even figure out which bus was mine cos the code wasn’t printed on the ticket. Amazing bureaucracy work here. Then of course it departed late.

Okay to be fair, it’s not the bus service’s problem that it took so much more longer, it’s because too many people decided to drive into Singapore on this beautiful Sunday. Not so beautiful at the immigration.

There were more people there than at the arrival hall of the Paris CDG airport, I swear. And darn Singaporeans seem to hate all other nations, especially their neighbours. They randomly grabbed some Indonesian and Chinese nationals from the crowd and questioned them; not really sure what happened.

When it was finally my turn, they looked at my Chinese visa and German visa very closely, then kept flipping through the passport. And then an officer announced the last 4 digits of my previous passport number and the officer was like: “that means that the last time she came, she had another passport. “ Wow really, thanks for the analysis but why not just make sure that I’m not smuggling drugs into your country and let me through faster so everyone can leave earlier? I find this weirder than the “what are you doing here in my country?” questions that I got in the UK and Romania.

Made me miss crossing the European Union borders by land transport and absolutely not having to show any form of IDs.

However, the bus ride was pretty interesting:

  • Two ladies almost or the same as my grandmother’s age who were beside me started chatting to me and so we became friends.
  • There was a family with Canadian passports but seem to not understand English.
  • There were two French people who got visibly upset after we have departed for about 6 hours and not being in Singapore yet. Apparently they were just gonna do a one day trip from KL-Singapore. Yikes. We got out to official Singapore ground at almost 7pm.
  • We had to change buses, I’m not sure why.
  • It’s pretty comfy so I slept through the most of the first half of the journey.

The Worst of Hong Kong

Hong Kong at its worst is public transports during peak hours. BE PATIENT WILL YOU????

Hong Kong at its second worst is on buses: inertia will fuck you hard.

Hong Kong at its third worst is when you are of Chinese descent and speak Mandarin (can’t you tell that we have the Malaysian accent????) so they assume that you were from mainland China and treat you with a shitty attitude.

Hmm, sorry about the negativity so here’s some positivity: I’m not in Hong Kong anymore.

Haha, jokes. Their cuisine is amazing but you have to know where to look.

First Day in My Ancestors’ Land

It’s been 6-7 years since I was here.

1539hrs, Hangzhou International Airport

Just been here for less than two hours and I’m already done with this place. The WiFi at the airport barely works and only WeChat works, the VPN app doesn’t work too so yeah I’m basically isolated from the outside world.
And this will also be why China could never be at the top of the world – its citizens live in the bubble they create.
And their bloody citizens, unfriendly and super rude and just goddammit I thought the Chinese culture is one of the most polite!? What a huge disappointment.
The weather is hotter than Malaysia, it’s thirty-bloody-seven degrees Celsius, but less humid so less sweat so maybe yay. By the way, freaking China drives on the wrong side of the road and writes dates like weirdo Americans.
I am stuck in steamy bubble that looks civilised but doesn’t feel so and am also considered as an ‘alien’ here. Great.

2312hrs, hotel in Yiwu

Whatsapp doesn’t work again but I have VPN on my laptop so I’m not that cut out from the world. Might take this opportunity to be kinda antisocial.
Yeah. Feeling much better now after a walk around the city.