Wednesday. Aachen. What a hectic day.

the past weeks were crazy because of the cultural festival that’s coming up and travelling and the startup competition. wow. managed to squeeze some time today to do some leisure browsing today while waiting for our pandan chiffon cake to bake


penguin filmed caring for a snowball


how populist am i? never encountered the term and apparently im most similar to AMLO and least similar to Donald Trump. what?

Tuesday. Too sunny.


online subscriptions that rock. surprised that Scribd is not on the list

a human species went extinct because they were too lazy

a whale mom’s child died and she was so sad. so so sad.

7 signs that you’re human


25 websites that might be useful

30 more websites that might be useful. i find it less useful than the link above

interesting websites about history


im craving for fishballs but there’s none at home and no one wants to go out to hunt for them with me so i watched a video on how to make it to prepare for cravings in Germany

another method to make fishballs. i don’t think i like this