originally published on Medium


Perhaps my heart still aches,

Even ever so slightly;

Whenever I see your name, though it wasn’t you;

Whenever I listen to heartbreak songs, which lyrics are so eerily parallel to us;

Whenever I reminisce in our shared memories, it wasn’t a lot anyway.



Perhaps a part of me still long for you,

Even though it would never work;

Because we stopped existing in each other’s lives, what’s left is just swimming in our brains;

Because of our backgrounds, culture and society are such necessary nuisances;

Because it was lopsided, where I was falling way off balance without noticing where you were standing.



Perhaps I still would want to see you again,

Perhaps we would meet each other again,

Perhaps you would want to see me again,

Perhaps we could be friends again.



Perhaps I should sleep,

It’s 4.20am.



Perhaps I should just let go of you, even if, perhaps, that was the best thing that’s ever happened to me (thus far).


In a country where the mindset deviates far, far from mine.

By international borders.

I’m losing my sanity.

In a body that is far, far underdeveloped from ideality.

By physical limitations.

I’m losing my health.

In a brain that’s been far, far damaged from compulsory pills.

By cognitive declines.

I’m losing my gifts.

In a mind that’s far, far disturbed than it should be.

By hurtful realities.

I’m losing my sanity.

I need to hold everything in, don’t I?