First Day in My Ancestors’ Land

It’s been 6-7 years since I was here.

1539hrs, Hangzhou International Airport

Just been here for less than two hours and I’m already done with this place. The WiFi at the airport barely works and only WeChat works, the VPN app doesn’t work too so yeah I’m basically isolated from the outside world.
And this will also be why China could never be at the top of the world – its citizens live in the bubble they create.
And their bloody citizens, unfriendly and super rude and just goddammit I thought the Chinese culture is one of the most polite!? What a huge disappointment.
The weather is hotter than Malaysia, it’s thirty-bloody-seven degrees Celsius, but less humid so less sweat so maybe yay. By the way, freaking China drives on the wrong side of the road and writes dates like weirdo Americans.
I am stuck in steamy bubble that looks civilised but doesn’t feel so and am also considered as an ‘alien’ here. Great.

2312hrs, hotel in Yiwu

Whatsapp doesn’t work again but I have VPN on my laptop so I’m not that cut out from the world. Might take this opportunity to be kinda antisocial.
Yeah. Feeling much better now after a walk around the city.

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